Some Contest Pictures

All I have to say is......you ladies are HOT!!!!! I mean look at all of your cheek bones, first of all. Great bone structure much????? Ashley, that is the best cat eye liquid liner EVER!!!!!! Mon, quite the temptress =). Stef...your eyes look AmAzInG!!!!!!! What brand did you use???? Thank you SO much for all of the entrees. I for SURE want to see more the next contest we have. I LOVE your pictures!!! Any ideas for the next one? I am thinking every six months. What do you think?


Jessica said...

Hi!! It was so fun to see you today!! I will call you and let you know as soon as we nail down the exact time for our make-up party. Have a great Sunday!! :)

Stefany said...

Embarassing picture of me...you should have posted one of the others!!! Although I probably would have still felt silly! Oh well!

I used Cover Girl. It was the only thing I could find that had halloween colors in it at Walmart the night before halloween! And I had a dollar off coupon! :)

ashley! said...

Thnx! But that was the first time I did it so, I guess watching Carmadie on What Not To Wear, really works! :)