Purple Tutorial...YES You Can!!!!!


This is mainly for Emily (our contest winner) and for those that feel if they wear purple, then it will look like they have two black eyes.......watch and feel born again in your ability to wear color =).


Becky said...

Ok, I attempted this using the Kohls palet and totally started out with to dark of a color. It didn't look horrible but let's just say my 8 year old LOVED it. lol

So I took it off and started again.. It didn't turn out anywhere as simple as yours but I still like it. My hazel eyes seem to pop more.

Oh, and great tip on not letting it go to far out.. I think that's been something I've been doing "wrong" other times. Duh. lol

I'll email you a picture later tonight. :o)

Love the new lighting!!!

Jen said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to see!!!!! Thanks for saying that you like the lighting... I tried hard LOL =).

Think Positive and SMILE! said...

Hey there, Jen! I REALLY liked this look! Yes! Beautiful! I hope I can duplicate it! And I also appreciate you telling us about not going out past the lid area, so as to not look like we have a black eye! Great tip! Thank you! You're a fabulous teacher! Keep up the good work!

Nicole Hunter said...

I'm so glad you did this one because I've been playing with purple lately, not having much success! I'm going to try it now! Thanks!

Becky said...

Jen, guess what I got in the mail today.. the coastal scents 88 (original) pallet!! SO EXCITED! lol

I stayed up on Black Friday to get online deals and watched about a million tutorials (LOVED Tiffany btw, thanks for the recommendation) and decided I needed to buy it since they were doing it 25% off. Although now I'm kind of mad I didn't just buy both pallets.. but oh well. :o)

I do have a question though, what makes you choose to use a cream base/paint pot prior to shadow??

Meg said...

Love the lighting! White Balance is much improved!

Zach and Codi said...

A few other tips for while using purples or darker colors...
you can use a white eyeliner pencil on the inner eyelid to make the white of your eyes appear larger, which in turn will balance out the darker colors from making your eyes look too small.
Also, remember the blush! Often times people will do their eyes first and when they are finished feel like it's too much, or something is just not right, that is because the face hasn't been balanced out with color yet. Slap on that blush and you'll be amazed at the difference it will make. Also, it might help to try putting on your blush and lips first before doing your eyes so you can get a good balance of everything you are doing.
Just some suggestions!

Merkley Jiating said...

Wow. I don't know if I will be able to pull this off but I will definitely try. You are amazing. Thank you! And sorry if I offended you about the two black eyes thing. I was bashing myself, not you or the makeup.