Green Orchid Tutorial

Shadow Colors Used:
- Lime Green
- Wine/Plum
- Brown
- Creamy White (brow bone)

I don't care WHO you are or what eye color you have DO THIS TUTORIAL!!!!!!! I want to hear from you on this one because it is SO my fav now!!!!! I have NEVER worn a look two days in a row and this one is going on THREE. I LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! =) The video just doesn't even do it justice. You don't have to use all MAC products but the color combo really is the key. SO pretty!!!

So the voice over cut me off right before I gave a vital detail to the look. On the brow bone all over is a touch of Vanilla but right at the arch use a couple pats of a white color to give it a pop!!! =) I used White Avalanche by MAC.

Isn't this cake gorgeous?!?!?


Monica Mary said...

awesome look. I have a feeling I would love it even more in person.

Where do I get a good deal on sponge brushes?

I'd love a tutorial on your "quick look". I'm assuming you have one. Ya know, I have to hurry today so here is my default... I love all of these looks but don't always have the time.

Paula Rodriguez, SofĂ­a Nardi, Micaela Salamanca said...

i left a coment in an ancient post! watch it! ;)

XXX, soffi

Jen said...

You bet and welcome!!!!! I would for SURE recommend blues, silvers, and peaches. make sure they are vivid colors. If you look in Kevin's book Making Faces, he has a look that is an homage to Billie Holiday and I have ALWAYS wanted to do makeup like this on someone. If you did it and sent pictures I could live vicariously through you since I have always wanted to do it to myself too =). I will do some tutorials for you specifically on shadows that would make your eyes CRAZY amazing!!!!!

AuntieK said...


Your site is amazing and I cannot wait to watch those tutorials!!!

Hope your doing well! Have a great day!


Zach and Codi said...

Love this look on you Jenni, you look gorgeous! I'm glad you like the mascara, let me know what you think about the others as well.

Merkley Jiating said...

This looks really good! It is amazing!

Stefany said...

Looks great! I'm so boring...I wear the same colors almost every day!

I need to go buy that green color, I think I have the rest!

Laurel said...

You are so fun! I found this from Monica's blog. I could spend hours on this site. Even though I dont wear tons of makeup, etc. I still enjoy scoping out all your fun tricks, etc. :) Thanks!!

ashley! said...

Wow I love that one! and it looks really good with your eyes and skin tone :)

Marshall and Jennifer said...

Do you think if I substitute bitter for juxt i would get a good result? I dont know if i can pull of the lime green but i could see myself wearing juxt more often.

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