This One's For You Peph!!!!!

Peph, May I first commend you in the decision to come over to the dark side =). Let's get to it!!! I have been hearing like CRAZY that orange is going to make those blue eyes pop. DON'T knock it till you try it!!!!! Just think, beautiful peaches and oranges. Keep using the stuff that you always have been just add more color. But even if you don't to your lips you won't be washed out because your hair will add richness to your face. I have also put more photos, youtube links and colors on the side of the blog to inspire you =). Have SO much fun with it!!!!!


The Banner Family said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Hillary Duff! This is so inspirational! I was actually backtracking this morning and thinking I'd just stay blonde. But then I saw your blog and I'm back on track!! Brown here I come!!!!

Jen said...