Sponge vs Brush

Monica's question: When to use a sponge and when to use a brush?
It all depends on what type of coverage you are going for. A sponge will give you more of a full coverage whereas a brush will, most of the time, be less. If I really want to pack color on my lid I will use the applicator instead of a brush. If I want a more natural look, not only will I use a brush but I won't use a base either. For foundations it is the same but you can still get great coverage with the 187 brush if you put on more. I hope that helps!!!


Monica Mary said...

K so I'm a dark and I wasn't clear. I actually meant for shadow... sorry!

Jen said...

Oh =). I don't think that there is ever a specific time that you HAVE to use one or the other. I have been using a sponge/applicator lately for lid work and a brush for the crease. If you have a brush that gives good push back (isn't loose or flimsy) then that is a good brush to put color all over your lid. I have also found with pigments that it is better to use an applicator.

Zach and Codi said...

For anyone wondering about sponge vs. brush when it comes to foundation... if using a liquid foundation I strongly suggest a foundation brush. Foundation brushes not only give great coverage and a nice finished look, they also save you foundation and $moolah$. Why? Sponges soak up the foundation making you use more to get the coverage you need, whereas with a brush you can use 1/2 the amount you would normally use to get your desired coverage. If you are using a spray on foundation however... you may want to go with a sponge to even everything out. Just a suggestion!