Peacock Tutorial

Colors Used:
- Electric Teal Color
- True Blue
- Shimmery Teal
- Purple with a hint of maroon to it
- Lavender


Unknown said...

How fun! Oh, I miss you and your energy. I know we didn't know eachother too long, but ya know, I kinda liked ya!! Work is good, I'm in the preschool with Leah. We are a good match, we have fun. Just hangin' in there. It would be fun to write to you, email? Address? You pick.

Anonymous said...

I love the Blog, I can't find the volume control on this computer so I have not been able to watch the video's yet, I am sure they are great and am excited to see them. You have created a wonderful blog, i am very impressed. I my self love Mac shadow's... But... During Facials I can always tell the Mac users. I would say... so how long have you been using Mac? they would always be surprised. I was never wrong. The Deep seeded backheads will come. And only to the trained eye will you be able to tell who is a user and who is not. Now, there pigments are like no one elses, that is why I say for the eye's. But it is stage make-up and if you use if for over a year, normally your skin will become very clogged. Making faces and face to face are some of the best books ever! You are always dressed so cute, I would more nice cloths, but I don't want to spend 70-90 for nice tops and jeans. I am married now, its not all my money. I loved the jeans blog.

Jen said...

Kaysha, go to the bottom of the blog where the music is and in the box there is a pause button. Push it and you can watch all the tutorials =).

Sara Marie said...

Ah-ha-ha-ha! So funny that I was thinking about how J-Lo was totally takin me back to dancing in my car and hanging out with Drew and Tyson and then you leavin’ for the mish and dumb blond me sending you my j-lo tape rather than the tape I recorded of me talking to you. Then as I was thinking that... you said it! I love you! And MISS YOU!! Okay, I LOVED these colors! I will absolutely be getting several of them! I'm not sure if it will go as well with my fair skin but I will for sure be coming up with my own little rendition of it. Oh, and Jen, never underestimate the power of clear gloss!

Zach and Codi said...

A great lip look with this eye is a very natural nude, or light pink look. I would definitely recommend wearing color on your lip with this look or the face will look unbalanced. However... with the eyes being so strong you want to keep the lips very understated. A good color combo is to line the lips with Mac lip pencil in Dervish, then Mac slimshine lipstick in Bare, followed by Mac lipgelee in moonstone. It gives a nice subtle color that blends well with the peacock look.

Jen said...

Codi...you are the BEST!!! =)