Most Used and Needed Brushes

Nicole is building up her brush collection and asked which ones I use the most. Here they are =).
From left to right they are:
- MAC 129 for blush and bronzer
- Loew-Cornell (LC) 7450 Chisel Blender for liquid liner (Michael's Craft Store)
- MAC 239 OR the one above it is the same and cheaper at Michael's. It is LC 3/8" Maxine's Mop.
- MAC 272 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! For crease work
- MAC 217 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! For all blending and some crease work
- MAC 187 For foundation (1000x better than the 190!!!)
- Nicole Miller Powder brush and MAC has the 150
The Green handled brushes are the MAC travel sizes. They are the same #'s as the regular brushes just shorter and a different color. They are great starter brushes but I am building up my regular sized ones now. Also you can go to coastalscents.com and see their brush selection. I have heard great reviews on them and you can get up to 13 brushes for only $16.95 plus shipping. Check it out!!!


Unknown said...

Hi, I'm very new to your blog, and I LOVE all your info! I am looking for the brushes you have listed, and on the M.A.C website, they don't have the 272. Can you recommend another brush for me? I would LOVE to start trying some of your tips, but I feel that I need the right tools to even be on the same level! Thanks for all your help!

Fizzy! said...

A very useful collection.. as a matter of fact I am building my brush collection too and your post is gonna be a great help!! :)

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