Eyeshadow Palettes

Jennifer brings up a common problem, one that I for sure had before I found eyeshadow palettes from MAC. I had many colors and loved them but hated always needing to sift through all my "pots" to find the right one. By pots, I am referring to the original casings that MAC eyeshadows come in. MAC palettes can be found in all MAC stores (not the counters)......and EBAY!!!!! Don't you just love that place? That's where I got mine. They will run you about 12-15 dollars and are VERY worth it!!! They hold up to 15 shadows and you can start organizing them like the ones you see here by color. When you get your palette you no longer need to buy the shadows in their pots. Now you just order the refills or buy them (only) at a MAC store and they are only $10.50 so it's a better deal. Right now on coastalscents.com they are claiming to have a palette that has openings the same size as MAC for only $8, but after shipping you are basically paying the same price only like 50 cents less. So I would personally get MAC ones because you know you are getting quality. A great way to "depot" your colors that you have now so that you can put them in your new palette is found on the side bar. It will explain everything so that you do it in a way to not harm or crack your colors that you love. Hope that helps!!!!


Monica Mary said...

Questions: Can you buy the refills at the MAC counter or do you have to go to a store? Also, i was looking on Ebay and it looks like they are running $20. Was yours used or new in box?

And do you care that I put a link to you on my blog etc.?

Jen said...

Not at all Mon =). I would look at more on ebay because I got mine for a lot cheaper. OR you can always send me a check for twelve something and I won't charge shipping!!!!! =) Might as well be of good use while I am here and have a store right? Unforch you can only order the refills or get them on ebay or at a store. Like I said though, I don't mind getting it for anyone. I have a paypal account and that might be easier for me to just go out and get it. Let me know!!!

Monica Mary said...

If I can pay you with my PayPal acct. I can do it. I actually have a little balance on my acct. so I want to use it.

more post requests:

When to use a sponge applicator vs. a brush?
HOW you clean your brushes. I really don't even know if i do it the "right" way.

Jen said...

I will make a video on how to clean brushes for ya!!! =)