The Best Makeup Book EVER!!!!!

I cannot stress ENOUGH how much this book is worth!!!!! It is called Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin. This man is a genius and I learned almost everything from his books. I highly recommend you get this in paperback at any Barnes and Noble store!!!!! Long live the smoky eye!!!!!


Kearns/ Banner Families said...

Ditto on this one! I'll never forget the many nights we cracked open this book and found our signature look for the night!

Jen said...

I know!!!!! I remember the first night I saw you guys coming into the dance, like the one time I went with someone else and all your eyes looked FIERCE!!!!!

Bumble Bee said...

I literally was just given this book by a friend. I stayed up all night skimming it. I love his perspective and the looks are purely amazing. I can't wait to start experimenting.